Severe Asthma Research Program    (SARP)
A National Institutes of Health/ National Heart, Lung & Blood Institutes
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Referral guidelines                                      Welcome Medical and Academic Professionals

Interested in Referring a Severe Asthma Patient?

Patient/subject Eligibility criteria for SARP
1.     Physician diagnosis of asthma
2.    Requirement for  high  or continuous doses of inhaled or oral corticosteroids, such as Advair, Symbicort, prednisone or medrol
3.    Persistent  asthma symptoms on a regular basis
4.    History of  frequent or severe exacerbations of asthma (requiring prednisone,  ER visits, hospitalizations)
5.    Current non-smoker and <5 pack yrs total
6.    6 yrs to 75 yrs of age

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