Severe Asthma Research Program    (SARP)
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UC San Francisco               Information for Asthmatics and caregivers


The research program in the Fahy laboratory aims to uncover disease mechanisms, develop disease biomarkers, and evaluate novel treatments for airway disease, especially asthma.  Our program is truly translational, encompassing clinical trials and investigations in patients and studies of disease mechanisms in cell culture and animal model systems. We have two major areas of activity:

1. In clinical studies we aim to provide a molecular understanding of the clinical heterogeneity of asthma. Our clinical research is enabled by methods we have optimized for application in human studies to advance knowledge about patterns of airway inflammation and remodeling and about the biophysical and biochemical characteristics of pathologic airway mucus.

2. In bench laboratory studies we focus on mechanisms of epithelial cell dysfunction in asthma, including studies of airway mucus. Mucus pathology is an important cause of airway infection and pathologic mucus plug formation in airway disease. Mucin glycoproteins are a key component of airway mucus, and our lab has a specific interest in how mucin glycans participate in mechanisms of microbial adhesion and abnormal mucus rheology.

Site Investigator and Locations:

John Fahy, MD Principal Investigator
University of California
San Francisco, California 94143-0130

Prescott G. Woodruff, MD, MPH; Co-Investigator
University of California, San Francisco
San Francisco, California 94143-0130

Ngoc P. Ly, MD, MPH; Co-Investigator
University of California, San Francisco
Benioff Children’s Hospital
San Francisco, California 94143-0130

Site Coordinator Contact:

University of California, San Francisco, Adult

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Project Manager
Kelly Wong McGrath

Phone: 415-476-5043

Alex Perri
Phone: 415-514-1539

Nathalie Y
Phone: 415-476-5043

University of California, San Francisco, Pediatrics

Courtney Moreno
Phone: 415-476-2984


Interested in Participating in SARP?

You will likely qualify for participation in SARP as a severe asthmatic if you:
1.    Have been diagnosed with asthma by a physician
2.    Require high  or continuous doses of asthma medications, such as Advair, Symbicort, prednisone or medrol
3.    Still have asthma symptoms on a regular basis
4.    Have had frequent or severe exacerbations of asthma (requiring prednisone,  ER visits, hospitalizations)
5.    Are not currently smoking and have smoked less than 5-10 years total
6.    Are between the ages of 6 yrs and 75 yrs of age

You may also qualify for participation in SARP as a “comparative” patient with mild asthma.     Similarly, you must be diagnosed with asthma, be between 6 and 75 yrs of age and not be currently smoking or have smoked for more than 5-10 yrs

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